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Quality Printers , World- Class Service

Best Priced name brand copiers on the market.

Ideal for any size offices and print shops.

Our commitment to quality.

Exceptional Customer Service.

24 hour Service Call guaranteed.

Web based service portal to track work orders and place service calls.

We acquire the lowest meter count repossessed printers in most cases printers with less then 1,000 prints





Our Commitment

We are a local Texas business with over 25 years of experience in the copier/printer industry, our experience is extensive in the service and repair of copiers /printers not just in the United States but overseas, we understand the customers urgency and are very professional with all our customers.

Customers that we have worked with include governments and private firms that are Multi Billion dollar companies.

Our customer service is excellent and has been recommended by Government officials.

We offer the latest model copiers for the fraction of the price, the same models from a dealer at brand new prices that are thousands of dollars more then ours.

Each brand is special and we have experience with each one.

We are not brand biased and recommend the best suited product for the customers application and budget and needs.

Our used copiers are extensively inspected, each copier goes through a quality check before they are sold to the customer to ensure an exceptional product.

Export market is very competitive and most importers want to purchase very old products simply because of the price.

MNMS offers current market models for export.

Our used products are 3-4 years old and this is the same product that would cost a lot more when purchased through a dealer.


Services we offer Locally in Texas (Dallas Fort Worth metroplex area only)

Cost Per Print (CPP) Under this program we supply the customer with commercial grade printers suitable for their needs and requirements.

We Provide the printer that is suitable for the clients needs and requirements, we provide the parts ,toner and hardware repair labor at no cost to the customer *

This frees up funds for the customer that would initially be used to pay for the Printer Lease,Printer Purchase and Service contract

Under the CPP there is no maximum monthly volume and no overage charges but there is a minimum volume requirement depending on the printer selected for the customers needs.(Contact us for CPP terms)


Lease Option

Bank funded lease for used equipment, a service contract is required under this option (Contact us for Lease option terms)

Here for all your commercial digital printer and copier repairs ,service ,inspection or upgrades.

For more information contact us and we will be glad to answer any questions you might have.